Saturday, December 26, 2009

The "Ball" is still in "Their" Court

The congress has proved they are still out of touch with the taxpayers. I say that it's time we get their attention by refusing to file taxes on APR 15. and let them know who they work for. I feel that if we Americans let all politicians know who (and how) pays them by hitting them where it hurts the most it would get their attention. I feel this would be the swiftest way and they would not dare try and jail anyone because there are not enough jails or enough court rooms to handle the volume, besides they wouldn't be able to tell who is or isn't owed any money.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fairness and Transparency with Health Care??

Today it was revealed that low income women, in California (under 50), will not be entitled to free mamograms as the program will be modified next year. The Govenator and other reps agree with this even though the federal goverment provided them with 10 million of our tax dollars to bolster the states medical program. I wonder if this is the way this democratic health care plan was written, i.e. As we tax payers get older they (the government) will just up the program qualification age in the hope we will "hurry up & die" before they have to pay anything. If that is the case I wonder which vacation "slush fund" the congress will stuff the money in, the Pelosi-fish fund or the Reid-Cancun suntan trip. If anyone knows please provide a reference or viable comment.