Sunday, May 2, 2010

What is it going to take??!!

I have given this alot of thought. For a long time now I have been listening to alot of people famous, not famous, and just plain ignorant and I was wondering what doe's it take to become a nationality or heritage? I always have it thrown in my face "I'm a African,Mexican,Irish,Italian,Polish,German, etc,etc,etc.-American. To all those I say bullcrap, unless you were born there, fought for that country, paid taxes to, lived there YOU HAVE NO TIES OR CLAIMS to said country. Think I'm crazy go there and live for awhile and see how the people treat you if your not taken advantage of or thrown out you must have the money they want (wait til that runs out). I have spent 17 years of my life in other countries defending them against tyranny and as long as I was buying I was accepted but when the money ran out they told me to leave or go to prison (Germany) so I packed 2 bags, boarded a plane for the U.S. and realized that the 17 years I spent defending not only my countries way of life but their's as well and it did not mean anything to them because they wouldn't allow me to get a decent job when my military service ended, other than throwing fish or driving cars off boats. I have come to the decision that when I'm asked what my nationality and/or heritage is my answer will be an unequivocal AMERICAN and I did not appreciate this administration trying to racially profile by asking me to catagorize myself as another heritage other than BORN IN AMERICA in the latest census. Don't they know that there are actually people born in this country and are proud to show their "birth certificate" to prove it? If anybody has a problem with that I'll tell them "I was born here, fought for, paid my taxes to this country and bless her for giving me the chance to say with the greatest of pride it is my HERITAGE to say I'm AMERICAN and that I have saved their country. If you don't believe me then answer this who doe's every nation turn to in times of disaster or in need of defending from tyranny, who's money has rebuilt their country after a war, Where is the United Nation's organization at and who allows them to critize the hand that feeds them, 'nuff said. Last and not the least if anyone doesn't like or respect the way I feel then they can kiss my AMERICAN BUTT and go back to their hyphenated land and fly that nation's flag over their mud hut.